Since its establishment in 2014, K1 Britannia Foundation has worked with and to support vulnerable youth on the island. Hurricane Irma brought a lot of challenges to the island, one of them being mass unemployment, especially for youth.

K1 aims to address this problem by setting up training programs to give teenagers the opportunity to get jobs in the boat building and construction fields, which are two very relevant job markets during these upcoming years of rebuilding.

Their disaster relief post Irma identified the need to have an efficient, rapid response team, able to effectively help when disaster hits.

As a long term solution, they are putting together a disaster relief unit made up of 20 trained and certified volunteers and enough emergency supplies and equipment on the island to be able to immediately assist with disasters both locally and in the region.

Before the passing of hurricane Irma, K1 received the majority of their financial support from local businesses. The majority of these businesses, however, have sustained damages and are no longer able to assist financially. K1 is desperately in need of help for their ongoing programs for youth, disaster relief and other programs on the island. Please visit the site below or reach out to us to find out how you can help today.


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